Stitt's It!

I have moved on to phase TWO of my transcription project: SONNY STITT

I have started off with a relatively easy blues (in Db) to get a baseline of some of Sonny's language. "Blues for Pres, Sweets, Ben, and All the other Funky Ones" comes from the recording he did with Oscar Peterson for Verve, so of course it is swinging like none other. It is a peculiar one because Sonny is blatantly honoring a few of his influences (not just Charlie Parker, all you haters). It's cool to hear such an accomplished player's version of "the other funky ones."



Besides that, there are a few beautiful moments where Sonny flashes his own stuff and it's absolutely brilliant. Anyways, take a listen and enjoy!

If you want a free PDF, go to my store page and 'order' it there. The one file has all concert, Bb, Eb, and bass clef versions.

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