Joshua Redman's Melodic and Rhythmic Brilliance

Joshua Redman has long been a favorite Saxophonist of mine. His album “Wish” was an early influence on my playing and inspired years of dedicated practice. Besides his warm, singing tone and his elegantly whimsical and effortless altissimo, it was his linear melodic approach and cozy rhythmic feel that drew me to his playing. 

Many years later, I have revisited some of his recordings only to find that I appreciate his playing even more than before. I've been listening to “Trios Live” lately, and decided to transcribe his solo on Soul Dance. This tune first appeared on “Wish."

What I enjoy about his solo on this album is his rhythmic clarity and freedom, his use of varied articulation, how he patiently works out motifs, how he juxtaposes one phrase to the next as well as linking one to another, and how he constructs the entire solo from beginning to end. There's still more to listen for and learn from, but that's a good start. Enjoy reading along with this great solo from a true master.


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